Let me Cater to you…

Walking into the house I greet you Taking you by the hand I lead you Sitting you down I kneel before youTaking off your shoeYou sink into a deep blueDream of relaxationAnticipatingWhat I’m going to do…………………..Lying on my back, I begin to undress Revealing a lace corset, Pink and black Tight around the waist and pushing up the breast, Lace black panties with a tiny pink ribbon on front, with frosty candy pink fuck you up pumps, bending over to seduce youMoving my hips and licking my lips, kneeling by your legs as you grab the back of my head, I then unbuckle your pants, as I tease you with my dance, straddling your lap with your chest against my back, guiding my pelvic with my hands on your wrist, you then try to rub my clit just so you can miss, I climbing down to get on all four, I make my ass jump have you yarning for more, still on my knees I lay on my stomach, as you watch me from behind, slow wind as I roll on my back spreading my legs, front like you don’t care sensual enough make you want to beg, as I grab the pole, wrapping around to swing to the floor, landing in a split, now rubbing on my clit, as I pull down my panties, gripping my ankles as I lick my candies, spreading that thang, I move as the song sang, put it down by T-pain, I’m done with the game, got you to the point where you can’t function, finish pulling down your pants, making you stand, At my command I lay you down, straddling you, as you ease in, guiding my hips, as I get a better grip, riding you as you get deep in me, weakening me, as I grip the sheets, grinding to the beats, now listening to Andre three thousand spread for me, now for the treat as roll over, kisses me to taste my summer sweets, starting at my breast my nipples become erect, making my body tremble when we connect, I then put my hands around your neck, and arch my back, as you line up with my inside track, a straight shot to my spot now my body is getting hot, catching on with your rhythm, as we pick up momentum, I whisper in your ear fuck me harder, as your strokes get broader, I see you biting your bottom lip, while I rub on my clit, pulling my legs closer to my body, making me scream loudly, pleading to fuck me from the back, as you flip me over and give my ass a smack, entering my long and slow, I bury my head into the pillow, spreading my ass cheeks, made me feel a little sassy, so I started to talk nasty, telling him to fuck me hard and smack my ass pull my hair, grip my neck, stretch my back, then I threw it back, I can hear him scream with pleasure, he wasn’t trying to give me the treasure, so I moved my hips in a circular measure, then he said he was ready to come, I was ready to succumb, so he ask where you want me to put it when I’m done…..I reply any where you want!

M-Burb The Captain/Bucky Dolla/M-Burb The Captain and Bucky Dolla - Get Ya Pussy Wet

Shout out to the artist who send me music to play; much love and respect. ~Artist Rio Song Get Ya Pu**y Wet